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La Maison Des Chefs at Home

Cherry Cake

The traditional flavor, culture, and classic stone fruit of Southwestern France combine in this sweet tasting dish to soothe and seduce. Every palate at any age will be calmed and coaxed – particularly one recently fatigued by too much talking or listening. After such intensity of focus, who wouldn’t relish a delicious *exhale* on the tongue?


Cherry jam, dried coconut, sugar, flour, butter, eggs, milk.


Olivier and Laurent have a special fondness for both “gouter” (the French version of Britain’s afternoon tea and American equivalent of an afternoon snack), that often includes the notorious and beloved Madeleine - a distinctively shaped and flavored French cake created in the 1700’s that we have included in this dish. In France, a gouter is more intense than the typical American snack break. It is a culinary release after a grueling day at school. After such a demanding day, a child is comforted knowing such a “snack” awaits.

The flavor here speaks for itself, and wonderfully soothes a wearied soul. To sit down at the table after slugging one’s bag of books around – proverbially, as this weight can be felt by adults as well – and be greeted with a timeless tradition served up by mother, grandmother, or anyone who eagerly awaits our arrival, is pure relief. We all know this feeling! How lovely it is to return home to the honored tradition of “gouter.” There are centuries of history built into this word – a history of calming and warming the hearts of children and adults alike.


Easy and enticing - simply open the jar, warm in the microwave on a plate for 30 seconds or to your preference, then sit and reflect on your day. Relish your gouter. This is the time to do it!

Serving Tips

Serve as is or with a berry sauce, ice cream, or, if you’ve got some on hand, crème Anglaise. It’s also delightful with a simple fresh fruit salad for breakfast alongside a bold coffee or tea. Your child will be ecstatic to see this slipped into his or her lunch box – what a loving surprise!

Wine Tips

This confection can be enjoyed with a wine that compliments its sweet nature. For instance, a sauterne from France or a late harvest Riesling from the eastern part of France or Germany. A crisp Champagne is aptly paired or, if you are on the go in the afternoon (or are not of age for wine sipping), this scrumptious dish shines with a good quality espresso, coffee, or tea.

Researched and Written by Michelle Odom and Gabrielle Donati