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La Maison Des Chefs at Home

Shrimp and Vegetable Provencale

This fun, fresh dish incorporates slow-cooked shrimp with summer vegetables and garbanzo beans in a white wine and saffron sauce. Flavors abound!


Shrimp, red bell peppers, zucchini, tomatoes, garlic, Cannellini beans, garbanzo beans, saffron, smoked paprika, olive oil, salt and pepper.


The Provençal region of France is as well known for its cuisine as for the cultural cradle in which it is embedded. This southern area of the country is famous for its bright hues, enchanting tones, and a dialect that flows – akin to its famous “Mistral” wind - from joyous mouths whose voices can be heard in the streets well into the night. Gaze into the incredible azur sky enveloping this treasured place and you will understand what gives rise to their bouyant joie de vivre.

The soups and stews in this region are many and claim influences from exotic neighboring terrain; particularly the sea and the western coast of Italy. For example, the classic soup “pistou” (in the Provençal dialect) embodies diverse influences with an assortment of vegetables, beans, and carefully-selected herbs. The infamous Bouillabaisse, which originated in the port of Marseille, is a seafood-based soup of the ocean’s freshest bounty, flavored with saffron, tomatoes, and native herbs.

Our own bounty pays homage to these dishes. We find that the addition of shrimp harmonizes beautifully with classic pistou ingredients in a Bouillabaisse-fashioned saffron broth. Additionally, because preserving gastronomic delights are tantamount; we are privy to the ancient process of preserving in jars these wonders. Wonders that emerge when the delicate gardens of Provence boldly clasp hands with the tough port of her neighbor, the region’s port of Marseille. This dish will transport you right to the French Riviera.


Warm it on slow heat in a sauté pan. Take care if you choose the microwave as the shrimp may become overcooked if not properly supervised.

Serving Tips

You can enjoy this tasty temptation straight from the jar, or with your choice of pasta along with a simple salad. Steamed potatoes or jasmine rice will further entice your taste buds. Adding two cups of vegetable broth will create a beautiful, flavorful shrimp-based soup.

Wine Tips

We recommend a lovely Provençal rosé; a freshly chilled Sauvignon blanc; or perhaps go a different way with a light pinot noir from Oregon; a different but delicious option.

Researched and Written by Michelle Odom and Gabrielle Donati