The Story

Long time friends and Maitres Cuisinier de France, master chefs, Laurent Manrique and Olivier Dubreuil, have been told throughout the years by their friends and clients, "How we wish you could cook for us at home!” This desire got Laurent and Olivier reminiscing over their roots in the Southwest region of France. The nostalgia of being surrounded by engaging senses, flavors, and local ingredients inspired the chefs to go on a new culinary journey. Laurent and Olivier’s commitment to promoting their artisanal, French traditions in today’s fast-paced, sustainable world, led them to create La Maison Des Chefs…The Chef’s House, a line of ready-made, traditional French meals crafted with the techniques of two master chefs.
Olivier Dubreuil and Laurent Manrique

Our Preservation Techniques

La Maison des Chefs provides fresh, high-qualityproducts including gourmet meals, comfort food, and grab-and-go options suitable the hospitality and retail industries.

Each ingredient and material is prepared separately to ensure optimal cooking for each item, such as fish, meat, vegetables, and plant based products. Subsequently, they are cooled and assembled at low temperatures. The dish is then vacuum-sealed and sent through a freezing tunnel for optimal conservation.